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3 D Rendered Illustration Two Little Guys Stock. 2017. October 2, 2018


This digital capstone project is rooted in urban studies and digital humanities, as we aim to explore Black Economic Empowerment in America.  This website will uncover the power of our urban communities by examining the struggles encountered by people who continue to labor to achieve socio economic mobility.  This study will also take a detailed look at the power of education, ownership, community churches, and local businesses through text, audio recordings, video clips and archives.  While some continue to marginalize the power of educating urban communities, it has become obvious that these locations will continue to generate enormous amounts of revenue, which will ultimately contribute to the growth of the American economy.  I will attempt to present this data through several multimedia outlets, which will be presented on this website.

Black Economic Empowerment is defined for the purpose of this project as the ability for urban communities to function cohesively to achieve socio economic mobility in the hood (our neighborhoods). The term is examined in the website through themes based on community, opportunity, and self-efficacy.  The ability for urban communities to gain financial literacy, market diverse skill sets, and gain knowledge about basic rights as citizens of the community has become key to the effectiveness of this concept.  This project explores the power of educating our communities from within to build sustainability through Black Economic Empowerment.  This digital capstone project will identify several aspects of black economics through content created in WordPress.  I will attempt to incorporate text, music, poetry, videos, data visualizations, and archives to prove that traditional education will never be enough to inform our urban communities about the importance of Black Economic Empowerment.  The objective of this digital capstone project is to provide information based on people in our urban communities who exercise a certain code of ethics, in regard to promoting growth and camaraderie from the inner city.  The goal of this information is to incorporate academic and social references in a linear form to enlighten scholars, activists, and community leaders about the importance of Black Economic Empowerment.

By providing this information about Black Economics Empowerment, we hope to strengthen our urban communities through literacy and resources.  The opportunity to use this information to raise the bar in our urban communities is the objective of this information.  Subsequently this will ensure that we provide reliable information about building Black Economic Empowerment to academic communities, which will enhance our research, as we work to provide information for the uplifting of urban communities.

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